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SHADOW 1.31.20

On January 31, Boston based award-winning artist Jamie Hart unveils "Shadow", thought to be her most meaningful work yet. Jamie says, "'Shadow' is about no longer being afraid to look at your shadow aspects because underneath them lies the truth of who you are. Most of us run from or numb the pain, the hurts from early life that reveal themselves in relationships and life, yet that never makes it go away. The only way is to face our shadow, move through our fears and do the inner work to heal ourselves. It’s how we reveal our truest selves and consciously connect to our inner light which helps us live more fully in joy and purpose."   

It's the second single from her upcoming EP to be released in the Spring of 2020. Jamie Hart (previously Jamie Lynn Hart) is an award-winning favorite in New England and beyond, and voice faculty at the Berklee College of Music. Following a life-changing hiatus and spiritual awakening, Jamie came back strong in the Fall of 2019 with a new sound, brand and mission.

Get Closer (out now!)

"I had done a lot of work on myself. Unraveling beliefs, healing my past, learning about love,
and developing my intuition.
'Get Closer', the first song on my next project, describes the relationship that followed and the gradual falling away
of connection.”

Jamie Hart Music Video - Out Now

Get Closer” opens on emerging synths crowned by Hart’s deliciously tender voice. As the measured rhythm enters, the melody takes on shimmering pop colors, undulating on lustrous textures. A muscular breakdown shifts the harmonics to beefy guitars, and then streams into a glowing crescendo highlighted by Hart’s beguiling voice, reminiscent of both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, only more vibrant and laced with exquisitely charming timbres. “Get Closer” is elegant and potent, full of rich sonic hues, a contagious rhythm, and the nonpareil voice of Jamie Hart, a voice under marvelous lilting control. (Video Premiere)

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