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About Jamie

Award-winning Boston recording artist Jamie Hart delivers an exciting new experience to pop music that’s at once alluring and captivatingly bold. With classical training and background in rock, pop, and the edgy blues scene, Jamie brilliantly blends her signature powerhouse vocals with electronic elements and the raw authenticity of live instruments. Yet, it’s the new energy and purpose she brings to her music and life that adds that final magical, magnetic touch. During a 3-year hiatus, Jamie had a spiritual awakening that not only sparked alignment and authenticity in her life, but also added even more depth to her lyrics and fresh purpose as a conscious creator. 

Formerly known as Jamie Lynn Hart prior to the summer of 2019, Jamie’s musical evolution has aligned with her personal journey. “Music chooses you. It’s an extension of who I am,” Jamie explains, which hints at the source of the power, vulnerability, and beauty of her music today. 

In her early days, Jamie hid her talent from friends and family until she sang at a school musical at age 14, and after that, there was no turning back. “It changed my life and there was nothing else I wanted to do.” She began taking classical voice lessons and performed her first recital of Italian opera arias at age 16, which got the attention of many including her non-musical parents. Soon thereafter, she discovered her love of songwriting as a teen in Milford, New Hampshire. 

Jamie received a scholarship to attend Florida International University and earned her Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance. During school breaks, she wrote and recorded her first songs with an acoustic guitar at a small studio in New Hampshire. Giving away the resulting debut EP to fans in NH and Florida fed her free spirit; but she was still committed to academia and went on to receive her Master of Music degree at Boston University. Soon after graduating, Jamie realized the opera path was not aligned with her heart’s desire, so she began collaborating with local musicians and started her own band showcasing her unique voice and songwriting. She jumped into her music career full force when she joined an award-winning function band performing private events and clubs. 

Jamie released two EP’s and performed at notable venues along the East Coast, including Showcase Live, Berklee Performance Center, and Brighton Music Hall in Boston, as well as The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Jamie was also invited to China to front an international band at luxury hotels for three months in 2011. 

Also in 2011, Jamie released her debut full-length album “Anticipate” produced by Zach McNees (Coldplay, Bjork, The Gregory Brothers) and features band members Kevin Eldridge on guitar, Steve Belleville on bass, Eric Finland on keys, and Attis Jerrell Clopton on drums. From retro-soul and pop melodies to intimate acoustic ballads, “Anticipate” highlights Jamie’s lyrical pop voice layered over a roots rock groove and features honest messages from personal experience. The band toured to promote the album and in 2012, Jamie embarked on her first solo-acoustic tour throughout California. 

In 2012, Jamie returned to Boston and joined the voice faculty of the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she continues to share her knowledge and develop young talent. The same year, Jamie began planning her live album at Tupelo Music Hall which was released in 2013. 

In 2015, she released her follow up full-length album “The Let Go” with band members Kevin Eldridge on guitar, Doug Standley on Drums (Small Talker), Louis Ochoa on Bass (the Video Game Orchestra), and Chris Enright on Keys (Goose). This album includes 11 songs that showcase Jamie’s powerful and extensive vocal range, catchy melodies, and heartfelt songwriting. 


Industry recognition poured in for Jamie over the years from awards organizations, the press and radio. Jamie was the 2012 Limelight Music Award winner for Best Female Performer and Best Songwriter, 2013 Limelight Music Award winner for Best Album and Best Music Video, and a 2013 CBS Local top pick for Boston’s Best Local Female Musician. Jamie was also a 2012 New England Music Award Nominee for Best Female Performer. She’s been featured by such notable press as Buzzfeed and the Examiner. Her music has been played on a variety of major stations as well as college radio, and can be heard throughout parts of Europe where her music is licensed for commercials and TV. Jamie also released 5 music videos over the years, including the award-winning “Down”, which are available on YouTube.  

In 2017, after releasing albums and playing shows for 7 years, Jamie decided to take a break. She was pursuing her dream career in music and yet she wasn’t happy. She had grown resentful of music and had a deep sadness she couldn’t explain. What she had loved so much wasn’t fun anymore and she stopped writing and performing her original songs. Her sole musical outlet became performing in a wedding band.  

Jamie dove deeper into her spiritual practice and worked to understand the root cause of her disillusionment. It was a time of immense personal growth, as she focused her energy on understanding herself and coaching others. She earned her certifications as a spiritual life coach and a yoga teacher, both of which inform and influence her musical career and life today. And, she almost quit music for good.  

Then, in 2019, came a pivotal moment in her life. “What would you do if you only had a month to live?” Jamie asked herself after a weekend retreat in the woods, and she got the answer loud and clear. It was to write and record all she could, and create freely from the depths of her soul with a new passion, purpose and sound. “I realized I could no longer run from myself. I knew I had a message to deliver, and knew now was the time to begin this next part of the journey. But this time I’m doing things differently. From an entirely different head space with a much stronger intention.” She’s determined to never play small in life, letting her true self shine brightly — and to encourage others to do the same. And, she’s “all in” when it comes to music.  

This led to her recent collaboration with guitarist Jason Jagentenfl and producer/drummer Shaq Duryan to develop the sound for her new collection of songs. Jamie describes the new project:  

"I wanted something more produced. I wanted to experiment with new sounds and expand out from my what I've been doing for so long. I wanted to merge newer electronic technology with the organic raw sound of live instruments. During my hiatus, I had done a lot of work on myself. Unraveling beliefs, healing my past, learning about love, and developing my intuition. The first song on the project describes the relationship that followed and the gradual falling away of connection.”  

“Get Closer”, the first single on her new project, is available on all digital platforms September 13, 2019. You can catch Jamie performing with her new band beginning September of 2019.